Pumpkin physics. Stand way back.


Yes, you read correctly, Joanna and I attended our second Punkin’ Chunkin’ on Saturday. The afternoon weather prediction was not auspicious so we arrived at the third annual Howard Fire Company Fall Punkin’ Chunkin Festival by late morning. This year’s event included at least five gravity catapults (the Trebuchet type), a number of tension catapults (Ballista type), and a single torsion catapult (Onager type) … making it a field day for catapult buffs and physics geeks alike. Each machine is overseen by a team of six or eight and the object of the day’s event was to launch pumpkins out over the Bald Eagle Reservoir as far as possible. Punkin’ Chunkin’ is quite serious business and the Guinness Book lists the record for a pumpkin toss as 5,545.43 feet. This world record was established by a gigantic air gun while the catapults at our local gathering were powered by either…

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  1. Thanks much for the reblog Miriam … much appreciated. D

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