Saturday 19th October 2013 – I gave birth to a 17lb pounder today!!

Where do they all come from?

Clairesallotment's Blog

I’m the proud mother of a 17lb Pumpkin. I harvested it today along with another smaller one. Like most of the stuff I grow, it’s not the usual shape, more long than tall, so carving it could be fun. It looks like a long head with 2 ears at the moment, so maybe Frankenstein’s Monster, or Shrek might be good. It’s not the biggest Pumpkin I’ve ever grown, that still stands at 48lb!! But it’s a good size and much bigger than last years 8lb one. I also harvested a couple of Butternut Squash, 3 more Cabbage, a load more Beetroot, both red and orange, as well as the remaining Baby Sweetcorn and some Jerusalem Artichokes, or “Fartichokes” as we like to call them. All in all a good harvest, with lots still remaining in the ground, which can be over wintered if necessary. The weather is still very warm…

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